Join Me for My FREE Online Workshop: Reclaiming Your Mood, Sleep + Sanity
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Join Me for My FREE Online Workshop: Reclaiming Your Mood, Sleep + Sanity

When I got pregnant with my daughter over three years ago, I started experiencing early onset anti-partum insomnia, I stopped sleeping at 6 months. I told myself it was just because of my pregnancy and it would pass. It did not. It got worse. I didn't sleep for two weeks straight after I had her. I knew this was not normal. I researched countless hours and couldn’t find any answers, let alone, someone who struggled with insomnia during and after pregnancy. I wanted answers, I wanted to know WHY. I began digging and came across information about cortisol and adrenal issues. A lightbulb went off, all of the symptoms described me to a T. I had overwhelmed my body with stress, irregular eating habits, caffeine and antibiotics. My adrenals were kaput. My pregnancy and labor pushed my adrenals over the edge (of no sleep, apparently.)

Maybe you are where I was two and a half years ago, wired but tired at night, hardly sleeping, waking up never feeling rested, dragging to my coffee pot every morning, reliant on sleep meds, OCD, so anxious I could crawl out of my skin, simple tasks seemed insurmountable, I felt hangry (hungry + angry), I wanted chocolate with every meal, and just straight up felt confused with what was going on in my own body. 

Maybe this scenario doesn't describe you, but maybe it's similar, maybe your symptoms are pronounced enough that you know something's up. Maybe you've stopped sleeping, maybe you drag through your day, maybe your diet is a wreck, maybe you have issues with your digestion, maybe your anxiety is relentless. I can relate.

That's why I want to share not only my story, but my solutions.

So...JOIN ME! I want you to be the first to know about an exciting event I have coming up.

On Monday, August 13 at 7pmI am hosting my first ever FREE Online workshop, and I'd absolutely love for you to join! 

In this workshop you will learn:

-How to start Healing Your Gut, Reclaiming Your Mood, Learning to Love Sleep Again (I know how frustrating poor quality of sleep can be)

-How to Combine Self-Care with Detox that Supports
the Whole Body

-A Swoon-Worthy Nighttime Routine
(it may just have you sleeping like a baby again) 


A few of my favorite supplements that I typically recommend to all of my clients (they boost mood + overall function so you can stop feeling like a zombie.)

To register, follow this link:

In good health,

Kelsey Jack, NTP

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The Hormone Rut, Gut Health & Wholistic Solutions

Too tired? Uncontrollable anxiety? Poor Sleep? Just Feel Out of Whack and You Don't Know Why or What To Do?

We feel ya!

Join Us this Tuesday March 27th 11:30am-1:30pm
as we "lunch and learn" with nutritional therapy practitioner Kelsey Jack.

We will be diving into discussion on the rollercoaster called hormones, digestive health and how it effects everything, and holistic solutions to it all.

Annie’s Apothecary (AMAZING compounding pharmacy in Boerne) will be joining us as well bringing their amazing services:

Hormone Evaluation Tests $125
Hormone and Adrenal Evaluation $185
Food Allergy Test $155
and more!

Lite Bites Will Be Offered and RSVP's Encouraged so please reply on this email or call the store 210-824-9999

Location: 6704 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209-3830, United States

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