The Launch of My 90 Day Program: Reveal, Nourish, Heal

Introducing my 90 Day Program

Reveal | Nourish | Heal

What if I could help solve your greatest mystery yet? YOU.

There are a lot of wonderful tools and diets out there, but there’s not one specific combination that works for everybody. While I believe in a customized approach, it doesn’t mean you have to follow a complicated protocol or deprive yourself of chocolate forever (maybe only temporarily ;))

I believe that real food can help you achieve a healthy mindset (and heart rate). With some time, dedication and REAL answers, it can also aid your body in learning to love sleep again. Whole, nutrient dense foods, functional nutritional therapy and access to my expertise (and experience in sleepless nights and waterlogging my anxiety) are the keys to restoring and maintaining sleep and harmony in the body. I also believe that a wellness plan needs to be suitable to your unique body (and life) in order to be effective and sustainable long term. If problems arise again, you'll have the solutions without having to sacrifice your sleep.


I’ll teach you the same techniques I used to overcome multiple chronic issues like anxiety, insomnia and OCD, which have helped me feel healthier now than I ever have before.

I work with my clients in a 3-phase program over 90 days: reveal, nourish and heal.


Through functional diagnostics, we’ll discover the REAL underlying cause of your symptoms. Your body will no longer be a mystery and your status will move from mysterious shipwrecked zombie to having a solid game plan for getting your sleep, energy and mood back.


Based on our findings, we will replenish specific nutrients that have been depleted due to stress, lack of sleep and correct possible other imbalances such as hormones, minerals and even digestion. We will also include a tailored supplement regimen based on your body’s unique needs.


Over a period of 90 days, we’ll work closely together to reclaim your sleep, normal daily function and gain your energy/motivation back. We’ll evaluate what’s working and what’s not and tweak your plan as needed. You have my complete support throughout your healing journey.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you need to do to continue the healing process on your own.

Launch special:

If registered by July 31st, receive your choice of a bonus session one month following your package or a wellness gift pack formulated specifically by me!
*Payment plans available upon consultation.

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