Introducing Genetic and Nutrigenomics Testing to My Practice

The scientific study of individualized genetics and nutrition is known as nutritional genomics or nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomic testing accurately identifies each client's genetic protein variations to identify sites of metabolic weakness. These key proteins are involved in enzyme conversion, nutritional delivery, and signaling pathways in the cell. Our genetic panels evaluate 114 of the most common researched and validated single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can affect a client's ability to regain and maintain their metabolic functionality. 

Abnormalities in specific polymorphisms can negatively affect many physiological and metabolic processes. Overcoming these metabolic weaknesses with the right nutrients allows each client to maximize their genetic variations (SNPs) and maintain optimal health.

I am now certified to run and interpret genes for:

*Methylation/foundational health 
*Immune/autoimmune/inflammatory conditions 
*Women’s health 
*Chronic Pain

(Nervous system support, neurological issues, genetic variances, mood/sleep support and immune support.)

This will also cover the 5 primary principles of healing and health:

1. Inflammation control
2. Autophagy consideration
3. Methylation
4. Detox
5. Symptom assistance