You Imagine:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning without dragging yourself to your coffee maker or reaching for your concealer.

  • Joining  your friend for an exercise class you've been dying to try without actually dying.

  • Making it through your day without feeling like you need 5 espressos, dark chocolate, and 3 naps.

  • Taking on new tasks and approaching unexpected events with excitement (and ease) instead of sheer panic.

  • Sailing through your day without feeling your to-do list will crush you mentally and physically.

  • And most of all, feeling the best version of yourself that you’ve ever felt!

Your Reality:

The reality is you didn't sleep last night, just like every other night before. You rely on your pot of coffee, it's a must, but even that doesn't give you enough energy. It's necessary but makes you feel like your heart may come out of your chest. Your day is riddled with tasks, but you can't complete half of your to-do list without feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You just barely make it out of the door before noon. Your brain is foggy, you crave chocolate, and you spend the rest of the day angry with the fact that you can't sleep. You want to lose 10 pounds, but your body hates you, even though you eat "pretty healthy." (Dark chocolate IS healthy, right?) There's no clear answer in sight, just exhaustion all day, met by endless energy and frustration come bedtime.

Rinse and repeat.

The mystery coupled with familiarity drive you semi-institutional.


You’re a hot mess (you have multiple prescriptions to prove it), yet you won't give up until you've found out what in the actual hell is happening, #amiright? You aren't satisfied with a pill, but there's no quality sleep in sight and your anxiety is as long as the day. You’ve been researching, and experimenting, but you just can't win.

It seems everything you try is one step forward, and five steps back into the pit of treacherous nights and LONGER days. Even the smartest of friends shrug their shoulders. But you won't give up until you feel like yourself again; your drive to feel like the old you outweighs your lack of sleep and constant companionship with anxiety and obsessive tendencies.



Am I starting to sound clairvoyant? Are you a little creeped out?

I’ve been where you are; I WAS YOU.  

What if someone who knows what’s what could help streamline this process for you and help your sleep + mood become friends and not raging enemies, which make you feel like a stranger in your own body. What if I could help solve your greatest mystery yet? YOU.

There are a lot of wonderful tools and diets out there, but there’s not one specific combination that works for everybody. While I believe in a customized approach, it doesn’t mean you have to follow a complicated protocol or deprive yourself of chocolate forever (maybe only temporarily ;))

I believe that real food can help you achieve a healthy mindset (and heart rate). With some time, dedication and REAL answers, it can also aid your body in learning to love sleep again. Whole, nutrient dense foods, functional nutritional therapy and access to my expertise (and experience in sleepless nights and waterlogging my anxiety) are the keys to restoring and maintaining sleep and harmony in the body. I also believe that a wellness plan needs to be suitable to your unique body (and life) in order to be effective and sustainable long term. If problems arise again, you'll have the solutions without having to sacrifice your sleep.


I’ll teach you the same techniques I used to overcome multiple chronic issues like anxiety, insomnia and OCD, and to feel healthier now than I ever have before.

I work with my clients in a 3-phase program over 90 days: reveal, nourish and heal.


Through functional diagnostics, we’ll discover the REAL underlying cause of your symptoms. Your body will no longer be a mystery and your status will move from mysterious shipwrecked zombie to having a solid game plan for getting your sleep, energy and mood back.



Based on our findings, we will replenish specific nutrients that have been depleted due to stress, lack of sleep and correct possible other imbalances such as hormones, minerals and even digestion. We will also include a tailored supplement regimen based on your body’s unique needs.



Over a period of 90 days, we’ll work closely together to reclaim your sleep, normal daily function and gain your energy/motivation back. We’ll evaluate what’s working and what’s not and tweak your plan as needed. You have my complete support throughout your healing journey.


By the end of the program, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you need to do to continue the healing process on your own.


Are you ready to feel more YOU than ever before?


  • What and how to eat to regain energy, stabilize your blood sugar, cut out-of-control cravings and find sleep to be your friend again.

  • Teach you a super cool technique, how to test yourself for hidden food sensitivities that could be making you feel crazier than you need to. (That's right, food sensitivities can be a root cause of mood disorders; who knew?!)

  • Discover EXACTLY the root cause of your issues through nutritional therapy and a personalized nutritional assessment (interpreted and graphed by me).

  • Tackle what matters the most. Don't work upstream. If you have been grasping at straws, you may be prioritizing the wrong issues in your body.

  • Test for inflammation, sensitivity and hormonal rage through a trustworthy company so I can eliminate guesswork and interpret your body's confusion.

  • Cut out self-sabotaging behaviours that help you cope with anxiety and insomnia (like OCD to fill in for missing sleep) and how to break the cycle.

  • How to troubleshoot setbacks and keep moving forward without letting anxiety drag you back where you came from -- the pit of despair.

  • Troubleshooting your sleep, and implementing a healthy sleep routine, so your body can CHILL.


  • A complimentary 30-min consultation (BOOK HERE

  • A thorough review of your online NAQ*

  • A reveal of findings based on your symptom burden, including customized nutritional and supplement recommendations

  • 9 coaching sessions over 90 days, including 2 additional health evaluations

  • Recipes, shopping lists, insightful articles and other resources sent to you to support you through your journey

  • Email support in between sessions

*The NAQ is an in-depth questionnaire to help give me a precise look at how your body is working and where you need specific support. This sets the foundation for your nutrition recommendations, lifestyle shifts & gives me specific insight into your unique situation.


"Nutritional therapy can target exact systems in the body, in the exact order, providing answers and precise techniques to relieve the burden where it's the greatest."





90 Days: $1,800 USD*

Launch special:

If registered by July 31st, receive your choice of a bonus session one month following your package or a wellness gift pack formulated specifically by me!

*Payment plans available upon consultation.

Interested in working together?

Book your FREE 30-minute discovery session to learn more about my program and to see if we’re the right fit.



As your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I figure out where you might have nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing (and are most likely the root issue) to your relentless anxiety and un-ending insomnia. I also provide resources, recommendations, nutritional and personalized supplement protocols tailored to your individual needs.

Nutritional therapy truly digs to the root so I can provide you with clear answers and even clearer solutions. Prepare to get your old you back. Maybe faster than you ever thought possible.

I’m not just a nutritionist, I’m your coach + advocate. I help you navigate the in-between time and assure you we're on the right track to resolving your issues. I also teach you to navigate your way through roadblocks as they come up. There are ALWAYS roadblocks, fyi. But once you break through them, you have the tools and the cool to work through them and not lose yourself again in the process. In fact, you'll welcome the unknown again, because it won't feel like you're coming to the end of yourself.



I could simply send you off with a nutrition and supplement protocol, but that would be a disservice to you when there is so much more involved in in creating lasting change.

Quick fixes are never sustainable, and you'll just as quickly slip back into old habits (and even worse sleep, is that possible?) Plus, you want personalized solutions, because you're not Marilyn Monroe or Teddy Roosevelt, you're you --

and what works for you may not work for someone else.