Hi! I’m Kelsey Jack!


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A little bit about me & my story

I’m a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, business owner, wife, mom to one little and two bulldogs, lover of the outdoors and fitness. 

My journey to wellness has been quite the adventure, filled with highs and lows, frustration, doubt, wine (did I say that?), hours of endless research, unanswered questions and more.


I have always been active and energetic, but when college hit, things took a different turn. My diet was less than optimal, I was under enormous amounts of stress, and logging 60+ miles a week running, playing intramural games and juggling my studies. I had multiple stress fractures and injuries and still couldn’t get my weight to budge. I noticed my energy was unstable and erratic, it was hard to focus and I was struggling.


Fast forward to marriage, a new job, late nights at the gym, luncheons for work, stress and more, my body was struggling to tell me things were not right, but I had no clue how to “listen to my body.” 


When I got pregnant with my daughter I started experiencing early onset anti-partum insomnia. I told myself it was just because of my pregnancy and it would pass. It did not. It got worse. I researched countless hours and couldn’t find any answers, let alone, someone who struggled with insomnia during and after pregnancy. I wanted answers, I wanted to know WHY. I began digging and came across information about cortisol and adrenal issues. A lightbulb went off, all of the symptoms described me to a T. I had overwhelmed my body with stress, irregular eating habits, caffeine and stress. My adrenals were kaput. My pregnancy and labor pushed my adrenals over the edge (of no sleep, apparently)


After finding answers, I started implementing solutions from Dianne Sanfillipo, Dr. Sara Gottfried, and listening to every podcast I could about adrenals and how they affect mood, anxiety, sleep and so much more. I saw my naturopath and chiropractor consistently, my panic attacks and sleep started to resolve slowly. But there was one missing component, nutrition. My blood sugar and adrenals were still suffering because of my diet. So, I started eating cleaner, implementing paleo diet principles. Where am I now? My mind is clearer, I’m less fatigued, I sleep better, and my diet, well, it’s still being refined little by little, I’m a work in progress in this department. I stick to mostly paleo, whole, nutrient dense foods with a few slip-ups here-and-there.

My health difficulties sparked a whole new interest in learning and listening to our bodies, how nutritional deficiencies manifest in the body and so much more.  A friend recommended the Nutritional Therapy Association to me and I haven’t looked back.

Where YOU fit in

My passion is now to help others save hours of research, trial and error, guessing, over ordering supplements (seriously, I could have a gently used supplement warehouse) and really get to the root cause of their health struggles. I hope to teach others about the serious affects of adrenal fatigue on the body and how it can lead to common struggles like: anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, fatigue, insomnia, inability to properly manage stress and so much more. By easing the body’s stress, removing inflammatory/improper diets, caffeine, sugar, high glycemic foods, and switch to a nourishing, whole-foods, diet, the body can heal. 

I want to empower YOU to feel better, find balance (and hopefully sleep) and enjoy your unique body. 

-Kelsey Jack