I help people balance mood, reclaim sleep, enhance well-being and quality of life through whole food nutrition, lifestyle modifications & personalized supplementation.

Nutritional Therapy identifies root causes in the body instead of masking symptoms so you can reclaim WHOLE health.


Feel Empowered

Health and nutrition are meant to make your life better, not make you feel like a failure. Feel empowered to regain health through understanding what your unique body needs- not necessarily what works for everyone around you.  Stop comparing and start reclaiming what is rightfully yours- your health.  


Feel Smart

Wellness is not meant to be a hidden treasure- only to be found by a select chosen few. It shouldn’t be confusing to the point that you give up. We make wellness simple and achievable.


Feel Confident

Nobody knows your body better than you.  In fact, your body communicates with you in certain ways. We give you the tools to understand what nutrients you are lacking, what foods will make you feel your best, and how to tell when you need something different for a season. 


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It's Easy to Start


Book THE Call

You receive a FREE discovery call and a general wellness assessment when you book an appointment.


Implement Personalized Wellness Plan

You will be guided through a functional evaluation where you will discover your nutritional and vitamin deficiencies.  You will be given a simple, 1 month action plan to get your body back on track.  Once you have spent a month focusing on overall wellness and nutrition, you will be reevaluated and given a 3-6 month plan with monthly check-ins. 


Step into
Your Best Self

You will regain energy, balance, strength, and build increased awareness of your body and your health. You will feel empowered to make the right choices for your unique body. 



I lived for years with terrible chronic stomach pain and major intestinal and colon problems. By using Nutritional Therapy, Kelsey Jack helped me get my life back and then showed me a better way to live with natural products and REAL food. Today I feel more myself than I have in years and all without drugs from the pharmacy!
— Cathy, aged 62
When I first started working with Kelsey I was an emotional wreck, I was exhausted I had major mood swings, I cried if I couldn’t get my keys out of my purse. I felt crazy. Kelsey helped pinpoint that my adrenals were the problem and gave me a plan that worked right into my busy life and schedule. With the help of supplements, my mood improved drastically.
— Client, aged 24
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 Shouldn’t health come easily? 

We think so, but there are so many fad diets, wellness ideologies and opinions being passed around as the “best” that it is hard to figure out which one is right for your unique body.  

You try time after time to figure it out and get healthy, but you just ending up feeling confused and apathetic.  

Our simple approach to health and nutrition helps you understand the distinct set of needs for your body to feel its best –inside and out. 


Afraid this is just one more method that won’t work for you? 

Don’t believe there is a simple approach to feeling well?


Feel empowered to believe in your body, start making choices that benefit your individual health needs, and start to achieve your goals in ways that lead to long- term, sustained wellness.